Emulgel (Dicloflam 25 g)


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Generic Emulgel 50 mg has the purpose to threat inflammation of ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles caused by such kinds of trauma as strains, bruises, sprains, and sports injuries. This preparation also is used for treating bursitis (localized rheumatic condition), soft tissue rheumatism and neck, back and shoulder pain. Millions of people suffer from such health conditions and seek help to eliminate all negative feelings. This preparation (also known as Dicloflam) is a topical anti-inflammatory gel that has power to relief all kinds of pain mentioned above and swelling. Patients that need such medicine do not need doctor’s prescription to buy it. Every important information about using, dosage, side effects and contradictions can be found in the added list of recommendations inside each drug-box. Some useful information can also be found in this article. Every pharmaceutical product has its active and non-active ingredients. An active ingredient of this particular medication is diclofenac that belong to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics. If you need it to treat your health problems, you should carefully read this article.