Prosacar (Fincar 5 mg)


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Even the most handsome men look pity with bald spots on their scalps. Actually, hair loss is one of the most disturbing problems that spoil our appearance. It is proven that men suffer from hair loss more frequently than women do in the same age. Female hair loss has usually a form of thinning of the hair. But do not worry if you lose about 100 hairs per day because this is an absolutely normal phenomenon that has natural reasons. When you notice that your hair loss becomes uncontrollable and excessive, it is a right time to visit a doctor. The treatment of this problem should be started immediately. The most common drug that specialists prescribe for patients with different types of alopecia is Fincar 5 mg or its generic version Generic Prosacar 5 mg. Actually, the generic version is even more popular among patients and doctors because it has similar features (effectiveness, safety, active ingredients, dosage and prescription) but its main benefit is cheaper price. This difference is a result of proper politics of its producers determined to reduce commercial charges to decrease the cost price of the preparation.