Micardis (Telmisartan 20 mg)


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Micardis and Generic Micardis are identical drugs based on Telmisartan. The medications are used for hypertension and to prevent heart-related complications in various conditions. The pills are taken once daily. The starting dosage is selected individually based on the condition and health changes dynamics. People with severe liver and kidney impairment are not advised to use the medication due to high probability of serious complications yet the drug can be used in mild to moderate renal or liver impairment. The drug is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. For more information read the guide below or contact our pharmacists.
Brand name: Micardis
Generic name: Telmisartan
Indications: Hypertension (High blood pressure), Prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases in atherothrombotic cardiovascular disease, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, History of peripheral artery disease, Diabetes type 2 with complications