Zocor (Simcard 20 mg)


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Zocor and its generics which are the same medicines simply sold under other trade names are medicines based on Simvastatin, an active agent able to diminish the level of low-density cholesterol and raise the content of the high-density lipoproteins. The effect of the medication normalizes the lipids content in the blood and allows preventing serious heart-related conditions and vision impairment due to diabetes. Read our complete guide to know how to use the medication safely and properly in different conditions.
Brand name: Zocor
Generic name: Simcard
Indications: Hypercholesterolemia, Mixed dyslipidemia, Homozygous hereditary hypercholesterolemia, Prevention of cardiovascular complications in patients with ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus
Benefits: Lowers the level of low-density cholesterol and elevates the high-density cholesterol levels
Analogs: Sam, Simlup, Simvas, Cholestat, Coledis, Colemin, Corolin, Denan, Labistatin, Lipex, Liponorm, Lodales, Medipo, Nivelipol, Pantok, Rendapid, Simovil, Sinvacor, Vasotenal, Vytorin, Zocord