Actos (Pioglitazone 15 mg)


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Actos is a branded medication based on Pioglitazone. The generic versions of the medication are absolutely the same but cost cheaper because they are made by other companies. The medication is used as an additional therapy of diabetes type 2 when the effect of the first-line medications is insufficient or if they cannot be used for various reasons such as allergy to the main substance, contraindications for their use, and so on. The medication can be used in adults even with severe kidney impairment but not in children. It comes in different dosages per pill and the therapy must be started with the lowest one. Find out more about how to take the pills properly and enjoy their effect to the fullest from our comprehensive medication guide.
Brand name: Actos
Generic name: Pioglitazone
Indications: Monotherapy of diabetes type 2, Additional therapy of diabetes type 2
Benefits: The medication lowers the level of sugar in the blood even when other medicines or diet do not work
Analogs: Dibizone, Piolgem, Piosys, Actost, Pioglitazona