Glucotrol (Glipizide SR 5 mg)


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Generic Glucotrol is basically the same medication as the branded Glucotrol just made by another pharma company. It is a hypoglycemic medication that lowers the level of blood sugar in diabetes type II through the regulation of insulin production in the pancreas. It also prevents the rise of blood sugar after a meal, improves glucose tolerance, and slightly improves the clearance of free liquid. Find out how to use the medication properly to enjoy the best effect from our med guide below.
Brand name: Glucotrol
Generic name: Glipizide SR
Indications: Diabetes type II, Microangiopathy, Generalized lesion of blood vessels in diabetes mellitus
Benefits: Lowers the blood sugar through the regulation of insulin production
Analogs: Glnase, Glynase, Glynase Xl, Glytop, Glytop Sr