Precose (Acarbose 50 mg)


The medication sold as Precose is also available under other names because it is made by various manufacturers. It is a medication that regulates the production and absorption of glucose in the small intestine which is used both in diabetes type I and II. It ensures the normal level of glucose throughout the day without sharp rises and declines which can spare you from any malaise. However, the medication has certain contraindications for use; for instance, it is not advised to be used in people younger than 18 years of age. Read our complete guide to know more useful information.
Brand name: Precose
Generic name: Acarbose
Indications: Combination therapy of diabetes I, Treatment of diabetes type II, Prophylaxis of diabetes type II in lowered glucose tolerance
Benefits: Regulates the production and absorption of glucose, ensures balanced glucose level throughout the day without spikes and falls
Analogs: Glucobay, Rebose

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