Copegus (Ribavirin 100 mg)

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Copegus is a brand name registered by a certain pharmaceutical company for the medication known internationally as Ribavirin. The same drug is made and marketed by different companies who have to name it differently. You can find such drugs under the name Generic Copegus or Generic Ribavirin. The medications are used mainly for the therapy of hepatitis C or different genotypes and human respiratory syncytial virus, as well as viral hemorrhagic fever. In some countries, the medication is also used as a remedy for flu. The drugs based on Ribavirin are contraindicated for people younger than 18 years of age, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in several conditions. In order to find out whether the medication is suitable for you, read our complete medication guide.
Brand name: Copegus
Generic name: Ribavirin
Indications: Hepatitis C, Human respiratory syncytial virus, Viral hemorrhagic fever
Benefits: Treats hepatitis C and other severe viral infections in convenient use at home
Analogs: Biopolymers, Rebetol, Rebetron, Ribamidil, Ribavin, Tribavirin, Varazid, Vilona, Virazole