Epivir (Lamivudine 150 mg)


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Epivir is a brand name for the medication Lamivudine. Brand medications are more expensive but render absolutely the same effect. Generic Lamivudine or just Lamivudine is an internationally approved medication marketed under a variety of names. It is used to treat HIV and hepatitis B in children older than 3 months of age and adults. The medication can be sometimes even used for the therapy in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Find out more about the drug, how it should be used, when it should not be used, how to use it cautiously, and so on from our complete article based on patients’ frequently asked questions.
Brand name: Epivir
Generic name: Lamivudine
Indications: Treatment of HIV, Treatment of Hepatitis B
Benefits: Effectively suppresses HIV and hepatitis B viruses as a part of combination therapy
Analogs: Lamivir, Combivir, Hepitec, Heptovir, Trizivir, Zeffix