Hepcinat (Sovaldi 400 mg)


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Generic Hepcinat or Generic Sovaldi and the branded medicines with the same names without the addition “generic” before them are all the same medicines simply made by different manufacturers. They all are made using the same formula and main ingredient which is called Sofosbuvir. It is an antiviral agent currently considered the most effective and safe for the treatment of hepatitis C. The therapy with the drug is also much shorter than the therapy with the older medications. The main difference between the branded medicine and the generic is the price. The complete treatment course with generic costs up to 30 times fewer money while providing the same effect. Find out more about the medication and schemes of treatment from our med guide.
Brand name: Hepcinat
Generic name: Sovaldi
Indications: Viral hepatitis C
Benefits: Effectively treats hepatitis C with minimum side effects and in short time
Analogs: Sovaldi, Sofosbuvir, Hepcvir