Hepcvir (Sofosbuvir 400 mg)


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Hepcvir and its generics are innovative antiviral medications that allow treating viral hepatitis C effectively, without severe side effects and in the shortest time possible, i.e. in just 3 to 6 months. Generics are identical to the original medication based on Sofosbuvir but cost many times less money. If you are diagnosed with hepatitis C and have not received any treatment yet, consult your doctor whether Sofosbuvir is the best option for you. It is preferable to start the therapy with this innovative medication right away without using the health-harming older medications. If you have received prior therapy, you should also consult your doctor as in some cases Hepcvir can be unsuitable for previously unsuccessfully treated patients. To know more about the medication, contraindications, and dosage regimens, read our complete medication guide.
Brand name: Hepcvir
Generic name: Sofosbuvir
Indications: Viral hepatitis C
Benefits: Effectively treats hepatitis C with minimum adverse reactions and in short time
Analogs: solvadi, sofosbuvir, Hepcinat