Retrovir (Zidovudine 100 mg)


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Retrovir is nothing more than the brand name of the medication based on the active agent known internationally as Zidovudine. There are other medications with the same composition and effect as Retrovir that render the same effect but cost cheaper. These medications can be found if you look for Generic Retrovir. They are used for the therapy of HIV and AIDS and prevention of HIV development in people who had been exposed to the virus. It is also used to avoid the transferring of the virus from the mother to the unborn baby. The medication is commonly used as a part of combination therapy for the best results. Learn more about the preparation from our complete medication guide.
Brand name: Retrovir
Generic name: Zidovudine
Indications: HIV, AIDS, Prophylaxis of HIV, Prevention of HIV transfer from mother to baby
Benefits: Helps to successfully suppress HIV virus in convenient use at home
Analogs: Zidovir, Azidothymidine, Aztec