Symmetrel (Amantadine 100 mg)


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Symmetrel is a brand name registered for the medication known worldwide as Amantadine. Generic Symmetrel is a term used to help people find the analog of the branded medicine at a lower price. The medications are identical and are used for two conditions: flu of the type A and Parkinsonism syndrome accompanying Parkinson’s disease. In order to find out more about how and when to take the medication, what side effects you can expect from its use, and so on, read our complete medication guide.
Brand name: Symmetrel
Generic name: Amantadine
Manufacturer: Cipla – Caring for life Amantadine Symmetrel 100 mg Cipla – Caring for life
Indications: Prevention and treatment of the type A flu, Parkinsonism
Benefits: Helps to prevent and cope with the symptoms of flu, eliminates Parkinsonism’s manifestations
Analogs: Amantral, Amantrel, Adamantamine, Endantadine, Mantadine, Symadine