Zovirax (Acyclovir 200 mg)


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Generic Zovirax is a collective name for all drugs identical to Zovirax simply made by different pharmaceutical companies and therefore marketed under different names. The medications are used to treat herpes simplex, genital herpes, chicken pox, and herpes zoster (shingles) in adults and children older than 2 years of age. You can find useful information about the medication and order the pills below.
Brand name: Zovirax
Generic name: Acyclovi
Indications: Herpes simplex, Herpes Zoster, Shingles, Chicken pox, Genital herpes
Benefits: Helps to suppress herpes virus of all types in healthy individuals and patients with HIV or AIDS
Analogs: Acivir, Neovir, Aciclovier, Avirax, Valtrex, Vipral, Virorax