Alvesco (Ciclohale 80 mcg)


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Alvesco is a brand name of inhaler used for bronchial asthma. The medication is a glucocorticoid that suppresses the inflammation and allergic response and therefore is very effective in prevention and reduction of the frequency of asthma episodes. However, it is not used for the acute attacks but rather the long-term treatment to prevent them. The generic version of the medication is based on the same formula and substance but is cheaper because it is less advertised. The inhaler can be used in adults, elderly patients, and children older than 6 years. Find out more about dosing, precautions, and so on from our complete guide.
Brand name: Alvesco
Generic name: Ciclohale
Indications: Bronchial asthma
Benefits: In long-term and regular use, the inhaler lowers the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks