Acuitel (Quinapril 5 mg)


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Generic Acuitel (Quinapril) is a medication used to lower blood pressure in hypertension and congestive heart failure. The medication acts through inhibition of angiotensin 2, a potent substance that contributes to the constriction of blood vessels. The drug is used either as a single therapy or along with diuretics for a more pronounced effect. During the treatment, it is recommended to measure your arterial pressure once a day and adjust the dosage if the effect is insufficient. The maximum daily dosage is 80 mg taken in two intakes. For people with liver or kidney insufficiency the maximum dosage is 10 mg. In combination with diuretics, the maximum daily dosage of Generic Acuitel (Quinapril) is 40 mg. The drug is contraindicated for pregnant women, people allergic to the drug’s components, children, and in liver and kidney failure.
Brand name: Acuitel
Generic name: Quinapril
Indications: Arterial hypertension, Congestive heart failure
Analogs: Accupil, Accupril, Accuprin, Accupro, Acequin, Korec, Quinaprilum, Quinazil